Your own promotional TV stations

Advertise your venue by creating your own tv channel programming easily. Keep your business running like a well oiled machine with features such as full scheduling for audio announcements like courtesy bus times & ODEs of rememberance, and the ability to integrate our full gaming objects within the same displays. Even use your new in-house tv channel to advertise local businesses and services.

Perfect for RSLs, Bowling clubs, & anywhere else that requires a full tv channel experience. You can even give it that professional touch with a logo overlay just like the real deal.

Show your custom content alongside TV

With built-in support for network tv devices, tv streaming is now a reality.  Keep your customers engaged with regular tv while showing your current promotions alongside, or go all out with a ticker, weather and a clock to mimic your very own news channel.

Bank ends, Dynamic portrait posters

Jazz up those static posters in to eye catching dazzling moving displays guaranteed to grab passerbys attention. Perfect for newsagents, bookstores, cinemas & theatres, even pokie machine bankends. Anywhere a poster would normally be displayed!

Give your customers something new and exciting to remember your business with.


Attention grabbing effects
Add movement with animations like Rotate, bounce, float, fade and blink any object.
Free content library
Large integrated library of ready to use backgrounds for many occasions and events
Interactive Presentations
Control slideshows via your wireless remote control. Allowing you to change on the fly from an automated slideshow or menu to a presentation, and back once completed.
Multiple channels
Assign more than one channel to a display – giving you the power to switch between them at a moments notice from your wireless remote. Or schedule them for completely automated, always changing displays.
Object Oriented
Utilise multiple objects to spice up your displays, even re-use parts of other displays.
Our exclusive synchronisation technology allows all of your displays to be in sync no matter where they are.

Powered by signchro

An advanced digital signage platform which is the result of over 8 years of research, development, and commercial successes.  Our aim is to reduce the overall support costs typically associated with traditional digital signage systems, while improving the flexibility of the system.

Signchro has achieved this by a number of key factors:

  • Source the most energy efficient players with the least moving parts, yet with amazing power to drive the most animated displays
  • Significantly reduce IT support requirements by moving the content management to the cloud
  • Reduce the complexity of Audio/Video setups by allowing direct-to-tv cabling options as standard
  • Lower graphic (and graphics software) costs by providing the integrated tools and stock to create any attention grabbing display

These along with other features and advancements allow for a high quality digital signage solution without the complexities and limitations of others.

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